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The HAR-TRU brand surfacing is the most popular "HAR-TRU" type surface in the United States, and is a standard in the clay court industry. HAR-TRU is made from billion year old Pre-Cambrian metabasalt found in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. This rock is crushed, screened, and mixed in the precise proportions necessary to produce a stable surface. LEE Tennis Products’ dedication to quality has made HAR-TRU the number one selling surface of its type in the United States.

HAR-TRU can be used for both new court construction or for top dressing. A layer of these finely crushed, green rock particles is installed over a porous base of crushed, stone aggregate to produce a finished surface. A HAR-TRU court can also be built over existing clay, asphalt, or concrete courts. Many clubs have already converted their hard courts to HAR-TRU to satisfy player demand.

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