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Set Retarders

Gypsum Retarder - High strength set retarder.

Mini Delayed Set - Small bag of retarder for emergencies, small concrete batches, concrete pump hoppers or for wash water stabilization. Normally one bag will delay the set of 1 yard of concrete for 1 hour. For wash water stabilization one bag is used for overnight stabilization.

Mortar Set Retarder - Fritz-Pak’s Mortar Set Retarder is a white powdered set retarder packaged for use in pre-packaged mortar or concrete.

Standard Delayed Set - For concrete set retardation with minimal effect on concrete early strength development. May be re-dosed in the field to prolong the life of fresh concrete.

Expo-Rock - Surface retarder. Apply to freshly placed concrete wherever decorative, textured or non-skid surfaces are needed, such as roadways, sidewalks, patios, and pool decks.

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