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Air Entrainers and Detrainers

Air Minus - A dry powdered defoamer for use in dry blended materials, or for wet/plastic concrete. It decreases foaming and minimizes air entrainment in cement slurries, grouts, concrete and mortars. It can also be used to counteract the air entrainment caused by water reducers and plasticizers..

Air Plus - Fritz-Pak Air Plus and Super Air Plus are dry powdered admixtures, packaged in patented ready-to-use watersoluble bags or in bulk (50 lb bags). Air Plus and Super Air Plus are recommended for all types of air entrained concrete when an increase in entrained air content is necessary. Air Plus and Super Air Plus may also be used as primary air-entraining admixtures. Air Plus and Super Air Plus are compatible with all standard concrete admixtures.

Super Air Plus - For corrections of 1-2% of air entrained concrete use at the rate of 1 bag per truckload. May be used as the primary air-entraining admixture.

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