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Rock Salt

Diamond Crystal ® Halite Winter Melt® Deicing Crystal

Unique sizing mixture of large and small crystals of natural sodium chloride – small crystals melt on contact and large crystal provide longevity and instant traction.

Works best at temperatures of 5 degrees Fahrenheit and above. Leaves no oily residue.


  • Spread ½ -1 cup per square yard of Diamond Crystal® Halite evenly over ice and snow compacted surfaces. Quantity and melting action will depend upon temperature and thickness of compacted ice and snow.
  • When ice and snow soften, remove slush and any excess melter from pavement for good concrete maintenance.
  • Reapply as necessary
  • Store in a dry place. Diamond Crystal® Halite contains sodium chloride which may harden and cake if exposed to moisture proof container.


  • 25 lb poly bag
  • 50 lb poly bag

Also available in bulk.

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